Red and Black - Draw Poker with Details

If you are staunch player of poker, you might have heard of or played various poker games including red and black draw poker. If that is the case then you can relate to different experiences ranging from the time you were a newbie to the time when you were in the intermediate stage of your skills in the game and finally the time when you became an expert. Either way, you must fall in either of the categories above. One common attributes of all poker games is that they are addictive. With this fact in mind, prudence dictates you exercise self-control and reason when learning to play this game.

Before we discuss the interesting details about red and black draw poker, it is important to mention that it is not a form of poker as is popularized by many. The fact that it is played in variety during some social poker sessions does not make it one of its forms. Whatever the case, many people enjoy playing it for social poker. The game derives its name from the fact that the number and color of the cards determine the points for a winner or loser.

Playing red and black

Red and black is the counting or draw type of game that requires 3 to 8 players if any game is to begin. All players are given 5 cards each. The objective is to find a player with the least or most points in their hands when the game draws to the end. That is to say, the players with high or low points at the close of the game split the pot. To start the game off, the dealer will draw cards and deal each player five of the cards, face up. The player to the dealer’s left places his or her bet. That is, he or she will state the color and number of cards they will have on their hands after the game is over. The rest will follow that lead.

Determining the winner

After every player has placed their bets, the dealer will start counting the number of the cards held by players while noting the color, either red or black. As a rule of thumb, red cards are positive while the black ones are negatives. Starting with the first player, if he or she has three or more cards of the color they predicted, the dealer will pay the bet. However, if the colors predicted turn out to be the opposite prediction then the player will pay the bet.

Alternatively, players playing red and black will focus on making hands of either high or low value. The most important thing to point out here is the fact that cards with point values include jack, ten, king and queen, all of which have 10-point value. Every other card has their pip value, that is, Aces are worth only 1 point while all other cards are worth their face value. However, special cases of red and black cards, which will have positive and negative values respectively. The winner is the player the player with the most or least value of hands.