A Complete Guide to Playing Butcher Boy

Butcher Boy is an ideal game for you to play with your favorite friend after a long meeting and there is nothing left to talk over. The game is a perfect fit for two people and can as well be enjoyed by as many as six people. It therefore does not matter that your friend came accompanied with a couple of his or her friends, you can all enjoy the joy that this Card Game combined with Rummy brings to you.

The ideal Butcher game is limited to between three and five players, but thanks to it that it’s rules can sometimes be bend a little to take care of your needs in terms of the number of players required to play the game.

The play of Butcher Boy is quite interesting. At the beginning, the game starts with a single chip ante after which all participating players are issued with five cards. The remaining un-dealt cards are thereafter placed at the center of the table. These are stock cards for everybody. The player to kick of the game draws a card lying on top of the stock cards. For this, he or she has a choice to either keep or discard. The game is now open to the other players who have the same liberty to either pick from the stock or use the cards at hand. This is how this card game involves Rummy in its play.

After a card is drawn and before it is discarded, the player can choose to call for showdown. Calling for a showdown from the rest of players in Butcher Boy game is the game feature from which it is named. After the calling, each player in line is only allowed a single draw after which cards are revealed.

The highest hand thereafter wins the pot. If the player who called happens to win the pot, he is allowed to collect two chips from each of the players who chose to ‘stay’. Staying in Butcher Boy language means that the player ‘escaped’ the consequences of being victimized as a result of the caller winning. A player can escape the butcher in advance by paying the player who calls a single card in advance. This step allows them to get off the game for a while.

The advantage of calling the butcher in this game is that if you win, you get to keep the escape cards for yourself. This is regardless of whether your hand wins or not. If the caller does not win however, he is entitled to pay the winner an extra two chips.

The beauty of this variant of poker is that its rules are not exactly fluid. The game sometimes takes the bonus way depending with the hand. For example, if a player calls the butcher and it happens that he wins, he or she is awarded with extra bonuses. If for instance the winner is awarded a royal flash, he or she is entitled to additional four chips from each layer. A straight flash on the other hand will earn a winning player to chips. When a player has not drawn any of his bonus cards, he can play the Butcher Boy game using such bonuses.