Holecam Devices: What You Need to Pin Down your Opponent

Do you play poker? Do you ask yourself why that gambling session did not turn out right? You played your cards right. Is that true? The missing link is that your opponent pulled a trick on you. Cheating in gambling has been on from time immemorial. However, with the development of pin holecam, it is getting even better.

The cameras have improved the art of cheating in all games. Several owners of casino joints have installed these devices and they are really nailing their customers. Gone are the days when you entered a casino and won the game at a snap. Today, you might be having the right cards but still fail to take the glory home. It is sad and disappointing but that is the bitter truth. It is happening and for sure, it does not seem like it will end any time sooner. On the contrary, it is gaining popularity.

Types of pin holecam

The cameras are made of set of lenses. All you need to do is to have them installed in your casino. You can opt to have it in better concealing places around but make sure that it stays concealed. This is cheating and it is illegal in poker but since the others will be doing it, why not you? There are about 4 types of pin holecam lens in the market. There is the infrared variety, actually, the earliest. With this the cards the player will be able to see the cards via contact lens. Then there is the black filter camera lens, the cards for this particular one cannot be seen by contact lenses. The third variety is the white filter lens. Then the fourth holecam is the latest in this line of lens and it is good for when the cards cannot be seen by any of the older models.

Pin holecam are capable of scanning images at a distance of 3 meters and within an area of 2 meters. They also do not draw much from the power line, just 12 volts are sufficient. If you happen to order, you must ensure that the package contains a pinhole monitor system, 5 pieces of test cards and one set of power.

Hide it where they least expect

The game is about trust and you really must avoid anything that jeopardizes it. It is hard to imagine, that the ordinary dispenser you have kept in the room to provide water to your customers would be of so much help to you. There is all-in-one poker analyzer with back marked cards that can help a player cheat at the Texas Omaha, Hi-Low Omaha, Baccarat and many more card games.

All you need is to install a water dispenser poker analyzer pin holecam lens. This is a single lens type; there is only one set of spy camera lens that is hidden into the water-dispensing machine. It works even in a dark room but when the power is on, let the lens face towards the edge marked cards. Automatically, it will scan on the cards instantly and send the value to the analyzer. Through a mini-earphone, you will hear the result in 0.3 seconds. The lens is also adjustable from up to down, from right to left, from to near to far by remote control.