Colonel's Crap System

Learning how to play Colonel’s crap system will take you just a few minutes and you will realize that it is easy and fun and comes with additional benefits while playing it. Even after you experience a scary streak of losses, you will enjoy wonderful payouts in the long run. The Colonel's Crap System is attributed to Colonel, who was a real player and spent about 20 years playing craps in Harrah’s Nevada. Rumors have it that the old man used to be a colonel in US Army even though no one can really confirm this. Ideally, Colonel's Crap System primarily involved placing a bet in a ‘field’ area of crap game.

When the old man played craps at Harrah’s the field bet featured a single rolling bet and payments were given for various winning rolls ranging from 2 to 12. Rolling of 2 doubled the payoff and rolling 12 tripled the payoff. Colonel used to wait for 3 non field crap rolls to go before he started his system. After this, he used the simple martingale system for doubling up the bets until tapping out of field bet finally came up. The Colonel's Crap System works in a rather simple way. After you place 3 consecutive non field crap rolls, you need to make a bet of $5 on the field. You win when 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 and 12 roll. In case there is no filled bet number rolled, Colonel's Crap System says that you double up the bet to 10 units. Where consecutive rolls do not roll more no- fields, your next bets should be $20, $40, $80 and so on and gives a total final bankroll of 1275.

The most interesting and fun thing about Colonel's Crap System that you will enjoy is the fact as a player, you will never know whether your next bet is going to win a huge payoff of either double or triple the bet or even money. You also need to know about the odds involved with Colonel's Crap System. Sometimes, players tend to miscalculate the odds of being able to see a series of no field rolls or successes field since they add up total payoffs rather than totaling up the winning rolls.

In Colonel's Crap System, the filed numbers usually have a total of 16 wins within 36 rolls and the 36 rolls also have 20 losses. Upon rolling, twelve pays triple and two pays double and the total pay off comes to 19. This of course appears like the real winner in the game. To cut the long story short, a player should expect to lose his or her bet twenty times in the 36 and also get back 19 bets. In overall, a player loses a bet in every 36 bets placed and then house has a 2.78 percentage house edge- 1 divided by 36. If you want to play merely for fun, just look for a crap game with $1 bets and you can start playing with a uniquely small bankroll.