Spit in the Ocean Poker Game

This is among the most interesting poker games. The game allows you to enjoy the night with the friends. You must however be well versed with its rules if you want to play for maximum enjoyment. If you are a newbie on this game, do not be afraid, the rules are very simple to master. In fact, if you have ever had an experience with the draw poker, then learning Spit in the Ocean Poker Game is a walk over for you.

The first provision of this game is that there are no jokers required. You will only be required to use a full deck of cards. At the beginning of the game, you will be required to make an ante bet to the pot. This initial stage is mandatory to ensure that there is always money in the pot. The dealer thereafter deals four cards for a player participating. Take note that the cards should always be facing down when dealt. Next, the dealer will flip over the first card in the center of the table. This first cast is normally described in two ways in Spit in the Ocean Poker Game. One, the card is communal and two, it is wild. This means that if the card flipped is a seven, then all the sevens in the deck are wild.

The first round of betting sets the start of the game with the player sitting on the left of the dealer being the first one to cast his card. This game utilizes the entire moves used while playing common poker games and therefore it should not scare you off. Moves such as check, rise, call and fold are all usable in the Spit in the Ocean Poker Game. In this game however, players are only required to bet on a limited basis. It is therefore crucial to ensure that you set your stakes well knowing that you are playing a game with limited betting chances.

After the first round of Spit in the Ocean Poker Game is over, players usually have a single card at hand. At this point, every player is allowed to hit as many extra cards as he may wish to in the bracket of between one and four cards. After the draw is over and every player has four cards again, there comes another round of betting. This time, players will be betting using a bigger amount. After the betting is over, the player with the best five-card porker hand is determined. This same player will deal the community card to kick off the game.

With the wild card at hand, you stand a chance to posses the monster pots but it is usually not the case because it is difficult to define if you have the nuts of the game. For instance, you could be confident with a full house at hand thinking that you would probably win the game only to realize in the end that you ran into someone who had been dealt 2-3 wilds.

If you love playing porker with wild cards or a game that exposes you to huge pots, then Spit in the Ocean Poker Game is your game to play. It is very easy to learn especially once you play a few hands.