Want Something Different - Try Knock Poker

You must be tired of playing the ordinary poker. In addition, you might be wearing out on losing a lot of money to unrealistic bets. You might be a risk taker but not so much on taking extraneous risks. Then knock poker is a game that will perfectly suit you. At least, earning some money, though not much is assured. You are sure of winning without putting any pressure on your budget. It is poker but with a difference, similar to rummy.

How is Knock Poker played?

This game is designed for three to five players. Each of them should place one chip as ante into the pot. Somehow, the number of chips may vary depending on the agreement prior to the commencement of the game by all players. It starts out just like any other game of draw poker. Dealer distributes the cards, which are supposed to be facing down, starting with the player on his or her left. One after the other, the cards are dealt to each player until every one of them has five cards in their hands. The card dealer then places the remaining stack of cards at the center of the table. This is referred to as the stock.

From the undealt cards at the center, the player to the left of the dealer draws a card from the top of the stack and discards one from his hand. This procedure is repeated by all the other players involved in that game of knock poker. Any player and at anytime during the game can knock but it has to be their turn to do so. If you are a player, you must first draw a card and just before discarding it, you can knock. The other players have only one turn to draw a card and discard another. They will have the option to drop or fold during the game or to stay in and challenge the knocker.

This is how it works. If you drop or fold you are required to pay the knocker one chip. The game continues until it reaches the knocker. He or any other active player in the game does not get a turn to draw a card but instead, declares their cards. Just like any other type of poker, the main goal of knock out poker is to win the pot. If you have to win, you must be in possession of the highest hand.

For instance, if the knocker by any chance wins the pot, the other players pay him two chips each. Where the knocker and another player have a tie, the pot is split between the player and all the additional chips from active players. However, the chips that were paid to the knocker by those who dropped are not included in the split. In a situation where, another player has the highest hand, he wins the pot and the knocker is obliged to pay every player a number of two chips.

In some way, knock poker can be about luck. To some extent, it is about taking risks, having confidence in your set of cards and knowing that no one else would have a better hand than you. Try it today and you will really find it to be fun.