Archie Karas – Poker Player

Archie Karas, popularly nicknamed as The Greek, is one of the most mysterious gamblers to have ever lived. His is a story of wins and losses that turns out to be like a true drama. He is a famous Greek- American high roller, gambler, and pool shark and poker player well known for the longest and largest documented winning streak ever in the gambling arena. His is known simply as The Run and in Dec. 1992, this great man converted his $50 to over $40 million by early 1995. Unfortunately, he lost all these in a year. Many consider him to be the greatest and most famous gambler and he is compared often to the equally famous Nick the Greek, a well known high stakes gambler.

According to his own claim, he considers himself to have gambled much more money compared to any other gambler in history. On Sep 24, 2013, the authorities arrested Archie Karas after he was caught cheating at a blackjack table at a casino in San Diego by marking cards. Barona Gaming Commission had him arrested while he was at his home in Las Vegas and will soon face charges of winning through fraudulent means, cheating and burglary in San Diego. He was born in Greek at the Cephalonia Island in 1950 to very poor parents. At first, he worked on a ship as a waiter where he made $60 per month until the arrival of the ship at Portland, Oregon. Later he traveled to Los Angeles and gambled his bankroll, winning $2, 000,000 before he lost all the money gambling high stakes poker.

Upon landing in America, Archie Karas first worked as a waiter in a restaurant that was close to a pool hall and bowling alley. There, he improved his poor skills and with time, he was earning much more than he did on his waiter job. Soon after, his victims thinned out and he proceeded to card rooms in Los Angeles where he played poker. Before anyone knew, Archie Karas became a famous astute poker player and pocketed more than $2,000,000. In the December of 1992, Archie Karas lost everything he had won and remained with just $50 due to his gambling activities on high stakes poker.

Rather than sitting back and slowing down to reevaluate his situation, Archie Karas decided to travel to Las Vegas to look for the bigger games. According to his claims, he changed from being broke to millionaire in a matter of time and then became broke. However, what took place in Las Vegas for the following three years went down as a living legend and his became a historical run in the world of gambling. Archie Kara’s final downfall happened in the mid 1995 when he lost nearly $40 million playing dice and baccarat. After losing nearly all of his fortune, he started betting on smaller stakes and within a year, he had made about $1 000000 from $40000 and then an extra $4 million although he lost all of it the next day.